Lost in Life's Endless Maze

by Starless Night

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Derek Goode
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Derek Goode The title alone made me love this track! Its very dark and depressive raw and real. This album will help you perceive the world for what it really is. An album based on fact rather than fiction. Favorite track: Lost in Life's Endless Maze.
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released November 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Starless Night De Land, Florida

Created one night in 2008, we stand for all of those who despise the human race. We often find ourselves venturing into the unknown depths of our minds bringing upon ideas not known to this world reflecting us the music our hatred, depression and this shit we call life. ... more

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Track Name: Passionate Hatred (Sheeple)
Watching society crumble,
Such a drooling thought
I'd like to see the end, to bask in all its glory
Blame it all on humans, no one escapes
when the time comes, I'll be watching you fail
There's nothing more I want than to put you to an end;
Shut your fucking mouth!!!!!!
I hate everyone's existence
You're all a bunch of sheeple
Do what master says
Dreaming of it every night
Passionately hating
Passionately waiting
I'll plant the seeds of whats to come
You're doomed to follow me....blindly
Nightmares of destruction
My sheeple the time has come
Track Name: Deeper Through These Realms I Go - DMT
A true psychedelic unveiling,
Nothing this realm can offer
Blasted through waves of insanity
Our energies connected, I'm one with this world
Dwelling her secrets and this gift of life
Pale vision's explode with color
A brush with wisdom, I sit and wait
Only a sick mind can enjoy such things.......
Stumbling upon a spectrum of ghastly figures;
Alone in this realm they reach out
Manipulated energies consume my thoughts
I feel guilty and dis-pleasured, I don't know why???
They've grasped my conscious state
Fed with anger, fear and the desire to know
An understanding to this phenomenon?
Blasted through this spectrum
Deeper through these realms I go
Our conscious state is harvested and kept in darkness
A deep pocket in time unlocked by DMT
Only the keeper of secrets may inhabit here
The keeper to my conscious mind
Track Name: Lost in Life's Endless Maze
Searching for happiness
What can one possibly find?
No one knows the true meaning to friendship anymore
Driven by selfishness and greed
What has become human nature
In the end you're always alone
With just yourself to blame
You tried to make that connection
Humanity rejected you;
With no regard to the outcome of your life
You sit in solitude pondering what could be
Instead you're lost in life's endless maze
Learning from your past mistakes
The only thing society will accept anymore
Is pure fucking ignorance
I will not contribute to it flaws
I have learned my lessons this time
You're doomed to fail by your life choices
I am dead to you all
I don't care about you or the choices you make
I want to separate myself from everyone
To create a new meaning for existence
I lament humanities self-righteous views
I have grown cold to it's touch
It is dead as is our fate
Track Name: Time Heals Nothing When There's No Good To See
I dig deep through my thoughts,
flooded by past events
It's a lifetime of disgust
I once was a happy boy,
but then I grew up and saw life for what it was
Over-encumbered with hatred
Wiping away the memories of a past fed with negativity
Death has become such a beautiful thing
A life that is vs. A life that was
I wish my memory would fail me now...
Where do I go from here?
I'm stuck in this concept of time
Every path that I have taken has been destroyed
My feelings are mute,
My visions of love have been wiped away by time
I continue to live with some sort of hope when I know damn well there's none
Why continue on....?
Maybe by chance I'll find happiness,
but for now my mind's programmed to die
Time heals nothing when there's no good to see
I erase the memory of everyone's existence and what its done to me
Track Name: Indulged in your Own Essence of Being (Conceited Humans)
Do you ever notice me?
The one in the back observing everything...
I see the way humans function, The way they devour attention
Have we evolved to be self centered??
Have we gained the ability to be oblivious???
Why has humanities intelligence level dropped????
An age dependent on Earth's diminishing resources
It's all about whose entitled to what.....
Indulged in your own essence of being;
High on fragments from your life
Humans are conceited as FUCK!!!!!!!!
I'm sick of this shit!!!!!!!!