Caressing My Hateful Thoughts (Demo)

by Starless Night

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released November 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Starless Night De Land, Florida

Created one night in 2008, we stand for all of those who despise the human race. We often find ourselves venturing into the unknown depths of our minds bringing upon ideas not known to this world reflecting us the music our hatred, depression and this shit we call life. ... more

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Track Name: I
As my world falls apart
The fading dusk reminds me of its gleam
My sorrows mean nothing when it's just me.....
No one will understand whats inside
I feel compassion for what I cant have
I feel anger for everything I need
I love absolutely nothing
It's far too late my mind has lost its grip
I've let it caress my thoughts and turn them to hate
This emptiness will never fade
You laughed at my pain, you tossed me aside
What it comes down to is did you ever care?
I've lived on pondering these thoughts
I see you in my dreams
When I'm dead and gone you'll never know
I've become a distant memory
But even that might be too good to be true
As I walk away from this I'll never be ok
I hate you......
....and you hate me
Track Name: II
I lack any distinguishable feeling
I feel my heart beating,
but there's no one home.....
I feel my attempt at living dying away
I have tried a hundred times before to not care about that one thing
The people around me do not understand
They don't need to know, my problems are my own
Easily ended with a flick of the wrist
What's another attempt at failure?
I still walk this earth
Discusted with humanity I see no way around it
I'm afraid of dying yet I lust after it with every breath I take
When will this end?
I hide behind this mask
This person I don't want revealed
A true caring person,
but humans changed my views.....
Track Name: III
There's cold flowing through my veins
Years of torture stored deep within
I sat in darkness for far too long
Observing everyone,
Observing everything
I saw you happy, then saw you grow cold
Take what you can get, so no one get's hurt?
No one cares about your feelings, just the end's
Make no connections to any human
Avoid them at all costs, turn your back....
You made me this way....
I gave up, every failed attempt led me astray
The blackness surrounds me sucking me in
There is no way to break free from my minds reflections
I must accept my place,
Living with myself is the hardest thing
I just want someone to be by by side......